Silicone Hot Dog & Sausage Maker

Silicone Hot Dog & Sausage Maker

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Ad Copy: Molded Sausage to Perfection

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Are you thinking to prepare a homemade sausage for your kids this Holiday Season? Mold these patties to perfection with the help of the Silicone Hot Dog & Sausage Maker! It's a mold shaped like a sausage, allows you to make meat sausages, cake decoration sausages, or sausage-shaped pancakes with fillings. Prepare your favorite burger patty recipes at home and impress your family and guests.

This Silicone Hot Dog & Sausage Maker is an essential tool in every kitchen, making it easier and faster. Easy to remove and push the sausage out of the molder while keeping its shape. Heat-resistant so you can heat the holder in the microwave. Excellent choice as it is non-stick, so your oven-made patties will excite your kids. Healthy homemade recipes, easily made by the Silicone Hot Dog & Sausage Maker!

  • Safe Material: Made with premium food grade silicone that’s BPA-free, durable and safe. This product is also heat resistant, that can resist high temperatures between 482°F and low temperatures down to -40°F of oven heat
  • Unique Design: The Sausage Maker mold products have small air holes on the cover, steam is easy to vent, can be applied with a layer of oil before use, easy to remove from the holder
  • Easy to Clean: Rinse with soap and water, dishwasher safe
  • DIY Home Snacks: Lightweight, no rusting or staining, easy to store. Reusable and durable.
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