Hot Water Heating Bento Lunchbox

Hot Water Heating Bento Lunchbox

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Ad Copy: Heat homemade meals with just hot water.
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Description: Ever get tired of eating unhealthy fast food take-outs? Try bringing a healthier and delicious meal made from home with the Hot Water Heating Bento Lunchbox!
This product is a 2 layered portable bento box that allows you to heat your meals by using hot water. Made with food-grade BPA Free PP materials and high-quality stainless steel that keeps your meals fresh and mess free.

Designed with an insert funnel with a triangle sealing plugs, that allows you to pour hot water with ease. The 2 layer containers have a secure sealing ring to prevent leaks, allowing you to transport lunch meals with worries. 

1. Unplug the triangular sealing plugs
2. Fix the insert the funnel into the opening hole
3. Gently pour hot water
4. Wait for about 10 minutes or more to reach the desired temperature


  • Food grade stainless steel interior
  • Made of food-safe plastic exterior
  • Capacity: 2 Layer:1500ml
  • Good for: students, Office workers, and outdoor travels

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