Luminous Flying Drone Ball
Luminous Flying Drone Ball
Luminous Flying Drone Ball
Luminous Flying Drone Ball
Luminous Flying Drone Ball
Luminous Flying Drone Ball

Luminous Flying Drone Ball

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Take Flight - Night and Day!
Luminous Earth Drone - will Soar Everywhere!

This illuminated drone will light up your day and night and is an ideal birthday - or "anytime " gift! 

Being palm-sized no more than 6' x 2" x 5"  will fascinate for hours - as it takes flight all though your house, everywhere. Made of safe, durable, anti- impact plastic - no harm will come to the inside of your house  - and this instantly-easy-to use  drone teaches kids hand/eye co-ordination and balance! A built in lithium battery keeps your drone aloft  - plus with a quick 30 minute re-charging, the entire family will want to play with it forever!!

It's simply HUGE fun to use!

Instructions for use:
Simply charge the product.
Turn on the black switch and the LED light turns on.
Hold the ball up straight and wait a few seconds
It will gyroscopically align it self and take off 3- 6' then slowly descend. Put your and under it - and it will take flight once more and can fly for 6- 10 minutes. Keep it full charges before flight
Stop it by catching it. Don't tease pets with it.

It's a fun toy but doesn't have  instructions/directions (especially that you shouldn't play with it outdoors & how to shut it down by grabbing it).  DO NOT play with this outdoors; it will "fly away"! To stop it you have to get under it and grab it. NOTE: Propellers are rotating at high speed, hands should NOT TOUCH the propellersSomeone older should grab it for the younger kids!! It's easily charged in the UBS port of your computer. Fun toy for everyone! Keeping the palm of your hand under it keeps it afloat. 

To avoid any danger, please do not use this product in an severely  enclosed space ( like a closet).

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